My role as an educator and the need to keep learning is very important to me. I personally think that teachers need to walk in learners' shoes in order to really get to the core of learning. I have been described as having teaching "impregnated into my bones" - I think my family feels like that too at times. Recent accolades from my teaching expertise have been presented through the following awards:


Lifelong Learning Tutor of the Year 2018


Aberystwyth Student Union Celebrates-Student-Led Teaching Award 2017


Exemplary Virtual Learning Award, Aberystwyth University 2016 and 2019


National UALL Award for Innovative Curriculum Design 2014


Elected Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 2014


Exemplary Teaching Award, Aberystwyth University 2007


I taught for eleven years in England and Australia as Head of Art before moving to Wales.


Alison will be delivering a walking mosaic tour of Aberystwyth's mosaic heritage.

'A Summer's Night on The Tiles', 20th June 2019. Meet outside the Ceedigion Museum on Terrace Rd. £8 includes a refreshing drink half way through the tour. The tour will last 1  1/2hrs in total. Pay on the night. bring something to perch on and wear sensible shoes. For further details please contact:

Sign up to the Facebook page for updates on mosaics and weekly learning thread. @aberdabbadoo.  Instagram: fpierseali


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Teaching and Life-Long Learning