Are you looking for a statement piece - a unique piece of art for your bathroom or kitchen?  Look no further!


Since antiquity, mosaics have been used as a sure-fire way of creating a statement - just think of all those beautiful Roman villa floors. But ... have you ever wondered in awe at how it is done? Because the technique is so time-consuming, they must have been costly.


Very few of us have deep enough pockets to fund a mosaic on a massive scale but you can commission a smaller statement piece to brighten up and personalize your kitchen or bathroom, or add character to the outside of your house or garden.









Name plate for a house called Brooklands

Running Hares, a piece made to decorate a fire grate over the summer months.

Two small bird designs, for interior or exterior use around the house or garden.

(left) Flying fish motif mosaic for a Caribbean restaurant SOLD


(right) Fishy dishy £300

Mosaics for the house and garden

Mosaics for a kitchen or living room setting.

(left to right)

Peas in a pod SOLD


Lyre bird

Knickerbocker Glory


The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, a mosaic panel suitable for a nursery or child's bedroom.


Get on trend with this lovable Dachshund.

DSC_0051 IMG_1347

Pootch Trivet suitable for pan or teapot. £60