Cat's Play Series


Over the years, our three family cats have been my muse for a series of word-play mosaics with 'cat' in the name.


These are nearly all in a 44 cm square format and include fusions, cinca tiles and vitreous glass tiles, supported on hardboard that can be hung on the wall.


Price for each piece is £350.00


Click on each image to find out what the mosaic is called.




My signature dish for guests is lemon meringue pie, I love the way the meringue glistens - the secret is using vinegar! This image is of Mimi looking up eagerly, licking his paw in anticpation . Hence catameringue! I  have been wanting to use the gold viened  vitreous tiles for a long time, they found the purrfect home in this mosaic.




Recently finished

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Cats love balancing, even if they don't need to. This image is a throw back to my childhood of the Cheshire cat in the Alice books.  Mimi loved balancing on branches.  He was a night cat, silent as the night.  

I wanted to find something blue to complement the rusty colour of the fur - the blue nylon rope seemed approriate. This mosaic cannot be displayed outside.




This reminds me of the Lady and the Tramp  cartoon where the Siamese cats teeter between the objects on the mantlepiece.  What could be a cat catastrophe?- thinking of a trail of destruction. I made the dominoes and collected dominoes for this piece.




This is an old word meaning topsy turvey - out of sorts. For this piece I had the fusions made so his eyes are slightly off-centre. Figaro, our first cat esacped from his basket in the car whilst I was on the motorway. I had to pull over but watching the traffic gave him boss-eyes.  I created the background in one colour but used both matt and shiny tiles to create a psychedelic feel to the piece. As you move your head the swirls give the illusion of movement.    



Orlando isn't quite ready to get up -

a big stretch will help. This was made from cinca tile and mirrors creating a jolly image. (15 x 19 inches, 38 x 48cm).  




Mimi Xmas 2014 catalogue 20150419_153152 2 catermeringue IMG_0195 (2) IMG_0315