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Mosaic commission to mark school anniversary  

Occasionally, I undertake school residencies using mosaic as a tool to energise children and unleash their creativity. It is a tactile material and can relate well to what they are learning in primary level history. It is also an excellent material to achieve big projects in schools such as centenaries.


My teaching skills and the innovative ways I find to engage pupils can complement school assemblies and give context what the students are learning in other areas.


The Jubilee Mosaic for Felsted School, Essex was generated with the help of Laurie Plant, artist and ex-postgraduate student from Aberystwth University's School of Art, and all the students and staff from the school, over a completely bonkers week of frenetic activity. This piece is over four metres long and took four days to complete and one day to grout with a team of three grouters! The school commissioned me to produce designs to encorporate the centenary celebrations in 2012 and the Olympic Games as Felsted is a school with a strong reputation in sport. Quite a challenge! I chose Buckingham Palace, the fireworks, Damian Hirst's 'Spin Paintings' of the Union Jack, used in the Opening Ceremony.

My aim was to place references to the school within the piece. If you look carefully you will see a clock face; this was inserted by the Head Teacher as a symbol of her dedication to the school - she certainly worked around the clock!  Felsted has a reputation for training excellent cricketers - look at the Buckingham Palace gate posts - they are disguised as cricket bats!  It seemed fitting that Elliott Wilson (an art scholar during his time at Felsted School) agreed to open the plaque as he became a renowned cricketer before an injury curtailed his career. Elliott is also an artist.


The firework displays were created through specially commissioned pieces of fused glass, mirror shards, and ten pence pieces that portray the Queen's head - portraits from her reign.  The fireworks over Buckingham Palace come into their own when the plaque is seen at night.  


If you are interested in commissioning a mosaic for your pupils and school please contact me using the form on my




My mosaic panel, inspired by the famous Royston Cave, has been donated to Royston & District Museum and Art Gallery. The Royston Cave is thought to have been a secret place of worship for the Knights Templars in the 14th Century. It's a must see!

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