70,000 thoughts per day


9th November 2018


When I work on my mosaics I usually listen to music, Radio 4 or podcasts.

In no particular order, my current favourites are:

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler

Art Curious

The Sculptor's Funeral

Rum, Rebels and Ratbags

Honest to Pod

Life of a Song

Private Parts

Inside Higher Education

I wonder, what do these choices say about me?



The title, 70,000 thoughts per day, came from a recent podcast. (also Huffington Post 2013) It got me analysing what we, as humans, focus on. Sometimes our thoughts are a sabotaging experience - that inner demon.

I definitely am a 70,000 thought a day person, I even get ideas in my sleep.

How do we wade through and filter all these thoughts?


Mosaic is a 5 stage process that at time requires concentration. It is a bit like practicing print-making or ceramics. The design, the re-design, the build, the grout and the clean.  The making, grouting and cleaning process are the stages where I can allow interference enter the brain, processing all those thoughts; listening to podcasts, as they give me further ideas to ponder. They feed in to my teaching too.


When I see any old work after many years, I associate the pieces with the thoughts that I was working through at that time. I don't focus on the actual subject. It is similar to how a smell will trigger a memory.

How do we filter thoughts and centre ourselves?

I use mindfulness, not in its true form, but using nature to focus, observing the minute details, so often missed while we inhabit this large world crammed with frenzied dizziness.


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